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    Analysis of Metal Use Types
    Publication time:2017-02-27     Reading times:     Typeface:【large centre small

    Analysis of usage types of corrugated metal wire mesh fillers

    Corrugated packing is widely used in China, mainly composed of CY type, BX type wire mesh corrugated packing, M-125~M650 orifice corrugated packing and corrugated plate pressed by metal wire mesh. The wave height is small, the specific surface area is large, the surface wettability is good, and the separation efficiency is very high. The separation efficiency of 10 or more theoretical plates per M packing layer can be achieved.

    However, due to the high cost of wire mesh, such as stainless steel, the high cost of packing per unit volume, and the low strength, it is generally suitable for vacuum distillation, atmospheric distillation and absorption of refractory and thermosensitive materials, small diameter of column (less than 2 m), and not easy to clog and corrode.

    It can be divided into single layer and double layer corrugated wire mesh fillers. There are 250, 500 and 700 types of single-layer corrugated wire mesh fillers. The SW-1 and SW-2 types of corrugated wire mesh fillers are widely used in China.

    In the tens of thousands of t/a methanol plant (two tower process), CY (700m2/m3) and SW-1 type (650 m2/m3) are mostly adopted, and in the 100 thousand tower (three tower process) device, taking account of more energy saving and amplification effect and other reasons, BX (500 m2/m3) and SW-2 (450-500 m2/m3) are used to replace the CY type and the SW-2 type, and good results are obtained. It is especially suitable for distillation of organic substances at atmospheric pressure, medium vacuum and dangerous pollution. It is also suitable for atmospheric pressure and countercurrent absorption process.

    In designing new towers and transforming old ones, it is used to replace bulk packing and some plate pagodas. Especially in the retrofit of large-scale tower, it has obvious economic effect on improving the output and quality of products and reducing energy consumption.

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