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    Solution to Wire Mesh Damage
    Publication time:2017-02-27     Reading times:     Typeface:【large centre small

    Wire mesh has considerable room for development in the filtration industry. As an important national silk screen base, we are expecting customers to call. Select high-quality stainless steel SUS304, 316, 321, 304L, 316L, 430 and other stretching lines. Manufacturing and Characteristics: It is made by stretching and drawing the die. Commodity has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, high tensile strength, intergranular corrosion resistance, uniform line diameter, smooth surface, bright white color, good ellipticity and so on. Standard 2.0mm-0.06mm. Uses of stainless steel filter screen: weaving screen, manufacturing welding wire, handicraft, stretching wire raw materials, household appliances, working devices, wall clocks, mechanical equipment hardware components, etc. The main reasons for the rapid damage are clay accumulation, wrong steering of motor, inadequate fit between screen and screen frame, and poor quality of screen.

    The vibration amplitude of metal wire mesh in clay accumulation is too small to screen under the condition of polymer drilling fluid, which can not effectively overcome the viscous force of drilling cuttings, resulting in the accumulation of drilling cuttings on the screen and rapid damage to the screen.


    1. Increase the amplitude of vibration

    2. Use spraying water to wash the screen and drilling cuttings to reduce the stickiness of drilling cuttings.

    3. Adjusting the angle of the screen at the end of the sand discharge outlet to the downward direction will help the cuttings to be discharged by gravity, but it may lead to slurry running.

    4. Change the mesh number of screen or adjust the flow rate of single screen to ensure that the flow stop point of drilling fluid is close to the outlet of screen, so that drilling cuttings can be discharged smoothly under the lubrication of drilling fluid.

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