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    What is cut wire????
    Publication time:2017-02-27     Reading times:     Typeface:【large centre small

    Cutting wire is to cut all kinds of wire, such as bright wire, hot-firing wire, galvanized wire, plastic-coated wire, paint wire, etc. according to customer's requirements, after straightening, cut the length.

    Cut-off wire is also known as cut-off wire, PVC cut-off wire, stainless steel cut-off wire, galvanized cut-off wire and so on.

    Product features: It is easy to transport and use.

    Product use: It is widely used in construction industry, handicraft, daily civil and other fields.

    Product Specification: 8-23(wire diameter 0.6mm-4.5mm), unlimited length. Processing can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers.

    Species of special specification products.

    Packing instructions: Packing according to user's requirements.

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