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    Application of Galvanized Wire
    Publication time:2017-02-27     Reading times:     Typeface:【large centre small

    The products are widely used in construction, handicraft, wire mesh preparation, galvanized lace mesh manufacturing, wall mesh, highway guardrail, product packaging and other fields of ordinary civil use.

    (1) Application methods:

    (1) The main methods of stretching and strengthening with galvanized iron wire are: octagonal, inverted octagonal, cross, zigzag or inverted zigzag, etc. Various pulling methods can be used independently or in combination with two or more methods. The pull stress may be symmetrical.

    (2) When stretching and reinforcing, the single or double galvanized wire should be surrounded reciprocally between the two tie points of goods and vehicles, and the galvanized wire should be tightened so that the tightness of each strand can be as common as possible. Some of the remaining strands should be crossed around their own rope poles, and then be tightened by a winch with the rest of the tail facing the vehicle.

    3. The pulling position of the goods should be selected reasonably. When it is used to avoid horizontal movement of goods, the pulling direction should be as low as possible; when it is used to avoid overturning of goods, the pulling direction can be appropriately higher.

    (2) Notes:

    (1) The diameter of galvanized wire for drawing and drawing shall not be less than 4 mm, and the diameter of galvanized wire for binding shall not be less than 2.6 mm.

    (2) Galvanized wire should not be used as a compression reinforcement of waist hoop, usually not as a whole binding.

    (3) Galvanized wire shall not be damaged in tightening.

    (4) Stop the use of two or more galvanized wire once around the operation method.

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